Flood Remediation Services

Flood Remediation Services

We are fully insured and reside in the North Houston area.  If your house has been flooded, we can assist in the removal of contents (including flooring & drywall).  

We have been servicing the Houston area for 8 years and will continue to service this area after we all have recovered from the recent floods (beware of storm chasers).  

We do not require that you have insurance, however, in the event that you do, we can bill them directly for services (to avoid the home owner having any out of pocket expenses).

  • Carpet Removal
  • Hardwood Removal
  • Drywall Removal
  • Contents Removal (wet or unwanted)
  • Car Removal
  • Cabinet Removal
  • Appliance Removal (if broken or did not make the flood)
  • Disinfection of Entire Property
  • Provide Contacts for Drywall & Painting
  • Provide Contacts for Flooring Replacement
  • Provide Contacts for Electrician
  • Provide Contacts for Plumbing Repairs

If we did not list a task that you need, give us a call to discuss (281) 781-3199

This is a link from ABC13 about cleaning after a flood:   http://abc13.com/home/home-cleanup-after-the-flood---diy-or-hire-a-pro/754431/

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