Suicide/Accidental Death Cleanup

Suicide/Accidental Death Cleanup

Methods Used For Suicide often lead to a Gruesome Scene

The methods used for suicide can often lead to a gruesome scene.  Suicide can be a traumatic event for the family members left with cleaning the incident.  Our suicide cleanup team division understands that discretion and immediate response are both very important.  Our highly trained technicians have dealt with many suicide cleanup service requests and have dealt with a host of different issues when dealing with the cleanup.

Our team consists of expert professionals equipped to handle the situation.  We are mentally, professionally and technically equipped to take care of the incident.  Available 24/7, you can contact us at any time over the phone or email us.  We will be at your disposal at the time of the crisis.

Compassion and Care

We will always treat you and your family or staff with care and compassion.  Our technicians will attempt to answer any questions.  Our Resources tab (to the left) has several links to assist you finding any medical advice you may need to help you with your grief.

In most cases our technicians are able to respond to your location while the police department or medical examiner is still onsite (less than 1 hr).  This quick response time allows you to get the scene cleaned immediately and make it safe for subsequent habitation.  We also work with your insurance on the details of the incident.

From beginning to end, we are one of the most effective suicide cleanup companies dealing with suicide cleanup situations.  Our staff is fast, effective, polite and proud of our service.

  • We start with a more in-depth decontamination and cleaning. Family members may be present at the scene looking for answers or necessary documents to start the funeral process. We will always help by boxing any necessary documents for the customer to avoid more traumatic events. We always take additional efforts to completely remove any evidence of a suicide so that reminders are not present for family members and friends. We have a list of contractors for drywall and flooring that our past customers have utilized.

Extensive Training

Bio-Tex technicians have received extensive training in crime scene cleanup, blood cleanup, trauma scene cleanup and the use of various chemicals, all of which are OSHA approved and completely safe for your residence or place of business.  We utilize specialized equipment that will detect and remove all bio-hazardous materials and restore the affected area to a safe environment.

We use disinfectants, enzymes and equipment when decontaminating a crime scene, death scene or traumatic injury scene.  These special cleaners are specifically made for cleaning blood, bodily fluids and tissues.  We ensure that all the blood and bodily fluids are removed completely and the area is properly disinfected.

If you or your family may be in need of our crime scene cleanup services but are not sure what services you may need, please give us a call anytime (day or night) and we will help you through the process (281) 781.3199.  You will never be charged for questions or estimates.

Below are some tips to help you through this process:

  1. Call 9-1-1, if necessary.
  2. Call us and we will come out as soon as possible.
  3. Contact your insurance to find out if the incident is covered by your insurance policy. If you insurance covers your incident and you are filing a claim, write down:  deductible, claim number, adjuster's name & phone number.

In almost all cases, homeowners or business insurance covers these incidents (policies may vary).  We find that businesses want the incident cleaned quickly and discreetly, which is our specialty.


Bio-Tex works with all insurance companies, therefore, we will process your claim and receive payment directly from your insurance company.

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