Trauma Cleanup

Trauma Cleanup

What to do following an event:

Immediately following a suicide, accident, homicide or other traumatic events, large amounts of blood may be present. Quickly, blood begins to spread and will be absorbed by Porous materials, such as; concrete, asphalt, drywall, carpet, subfloor, grout, studs and floor joists. By quickly contacting Bio-Tex, we are able to help prevent unnecessary contamination and increased structural damage. Bio-Tex will decontaminate your property of bio-hazards quickly and discreetly.

Blood travels in the same manner as water. A casual inspection of the scene will not reveal all traces of the blood. We can detect blood you cannot see. Blood often falls in cracks and wall/floor seams and if not cleaned thoroughly, the area will attract ants/other animals/insects and begin to smell. This is where trained technicians can help. Any type of blood cleanup involves a comprehensive and detailed procedure to detect, disinfect and completely remove all traces of bio-hazardous materials. This includes but is not limited to; blood, bodily fluids, tissue & bone matter, contaminated clothing and household goods, hypodermic needles, razor blades and other items that may pose a risk of injury or death.

Bio-Tex technicians have received extensive training in crime scene cleanup, blood cleanup, trauma scene cleanup and the use of various chemicals, all of which are OSHA approved and completely safe for your residence or place of business. We utilize specialized equipment that will detect and remove all bio-hazardous materials and restore the affected area to a safe environment.

Blood Cleanup Services

We use disinfectants, enzymes and equipment when decontaminating a crime scene, death scene or traumatic injury scene. These special cleaners are specifically made for cleaning blood, bodily fluids and tissues. We ensure that all the blood and bodily fluids are removed completely and the area is properly disinfected.

Blood, in liquid, solid or aerosol form can be a danger to anyone. Blood can be transferred to people by injection, inhalation, ingestion or absorption. Blood can transfer to another by skin or eye contract, such as a splash when scrubbing or cleaning.

Cross contamination is when blood is carried from one object/place to another, one object to a person or form person to person. This can be done easily when someone walks through a contaminated area via their shoes.

If you or your family may be in need of our crime scene cleanup services but are not sure what services you may need, please give us a call anytime (day or night) and we will help you through the process (281) 781-3199. You will never be charged for questions or estimates.

Helpful Tips

Below are some tips to help you through this process:

  1. Call 9-1-1, if necessary.
  2. Call us and we will come out as soon as possible.
  3. Contact your insurance to find out if the incident is covered by your insurance policy.

    Note: If you insurance covers your incident and you are filing a claim, write down: deductible, claim number, adjuster's name & phone number.


In almost all cases, homeowners or business insurance covers these incidents (policies may vary). We find that businesses want the incident cleaned quickly and discreetly, which is our specialty.

We work with all Insurance companies

Bio-Tex works with all insurance companies, therefore, we can send our bill to your insurance company to ensure your claim is processed quickly. We do, however, require the insurance deductible upfront and we send you a bill for the remainder of the balance (due in 30 days). This timeframe "should" be ample time for you to receive your payment from the insurance company.

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