Residential Probate Estate Contents Services

Residential Probate Estate Contents Services


We are the only company in Texas that provides the list of services below.  We understand that when involved in probate situations, your life must still continue.  Every task that we perform, we provide a contract with amount for the task that includes a detail of what to expect from the outcome.  We also keep a project timeline/worksheet with expenses and tasks.  This project timeline/worksheet is essential in tracking the progress of your residential probate service.

  • Removal of Debris to Start Inventory Process
  • Search for Important Personal Documents (deed for house, car titles, tax returns)
  • Search and Separate Specific Items in Will
  • Categorize Broad Estimates of Items for Probate (not specifics)
  • Meet with Appraiser on Value of Designated Contents from Will and Inventory
  • Scan all Photos for Digitization
  • Box any Important Document Boxes from File Cabinets
  • Box all Photos and/or Negatives
  • Stage or Relocate all of the Important Document Boxes
  • General Cleaning, Sweeping, Mopping & Light Dusting Where Accessible
  • Shred Sensitive Documents
  • Evaluate Remaining House Contents for Estate Sale
  • Execute the Decision for Donation or Disposal of Remaining Items
  • Execute the Decision for Estate Sale of Items
  • Final Clean & Supervise Handyman Repairs

Do You Live Out of State?

We have many customers that will call us from out of state or not locally located in Houston with this scenario "My mother passed away and she is a hoarder, I live in New Jersey..."  In this scenario the customer mailed us a key to the property, we then went to the property and proposed the most cost effective way to liquidate the excess items.  We provided daily before and after photos of the property for the customer to keep in the loop on the progress.  There were several items that the customer did want from the property, we packed and shipped these items to New Jersey.  We also came across thousands of photos, we scanned these photos and provided them in digital format to each of the family members.  The property was liquidated via our recycling program and Estate Sale (our Estate Sales reduces the cost of disposal); a deep clean was performed; we manged the plumber and general maintenance, we also met with the Realtor for the sale of the property.  This project from start to ready for Realtor listing was completed in two weeks.  We believe this service model works well with many of our customers, our goal is to always service our customers from start to finish.

Residential Contents Typical Options

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