Unattended Death/Decomposition

Unattended Death/Decomposition

Our professional cleanup technicians decontaminate, disinfect, and deodorize areas where an unattended death occurred. The cleaning of a decomposing body can be a difficult task to accomplish alone — household products (air fresheners and cleaners) are not strong enough to purge the bacteria left over from a death or other bio-hazardous contamination.

Unattended deaths, also known as decomposing bodies, are quite common. Many incidents can go unnoticed for several days or even months. The most common way these happen is due to people in poor health or during a medical emergency in which a person has difficulty reaching help before they expire.

Decomposition and the Hazards of Decay

Blood and bodily fluids that remain after a contamination can carry and spread bacteria, viruses, and disease through a house or business. With a decomposing body brings flies and a multitude of maggots that can further spread to any room or ventilation system within a house. Mold and bacteria can also continue to grow in contaminated items (especially structure) and emanate odors for days or months. Improper cleaning can lead to serious illness and permanent property damage.

Infectious disease in blood, such as HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis all pose a serious threat. All Bio-Tex technicians are trained to decontaminate all blood and bodily fluids. We will remove all contaminated items that pose a risk.

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We also handle deceased animal pickup.

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