Home Welfare Check-Up

Home Welfare Check-Up Service

This is Harris County's (and surrounding Counties) first Home Welfare Check-Up Service. We have found many families live away from family/friends and are concerned about their well-being. We are here and able to service the community.

The prices for the services are as follows:

  • Chambers County, Texas:  $49.00
  • Fort Bend County, Texas: $49.00
  • Galveston County, Texas: $59.00
  • Harris County, Texas: $39.00
  • Liberty County, Texas:  $39.00
  • Montgomery County, Texas: $39.00
  • Waller County, Texas:  $49.00

Our rates are by Texas County Location.  If you are unaware of the "Home Welfare  Check-Up Recipient's" Texas County, go to this link (type their address in the link):  https://www.whatcountyamiin.com/

When requested below we will make 3 attempts to have your family and/or friend answer their door with a physical knock or ring of the door bell.  We will always have a mask on when making any type of contact.  Each attempt we will leave a Door Hanger on the door handle letting them know that someone is concerned about their well being and that we will be back again to make another attempt or they can contact us from the form.  You will be given updates via text after every attempt.

  • Door Flyer Placed on DATE
  • Face to Face Contact made on DATE
  • Police were Notified on DATE for Assistance

24 hours after the last attempt you will receive an email or a text regarding the outcome.

If you are a Multi-Unit Complex, we offer discounts for multiple unit check-ups.  Contact us at (281) 781-3199 and we will discuss our rates.

The Service Form Below Starts The Process

Home Welfare Check-Up
Address of Person for Home Welfare Check-Up: *
Address of Person for Home Welfare Check-Up:
Please Acknowledge Below: *
Maximum upload size: 268.44MB
Most Recent Photos will help. Please do not provide any photos that are pornographic.
Please feel free to add any comments that you feel will help with this service request. This comment will be taken as a note and not as directions.

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